Edible Gardening in your own backyard

Let me share my passion for edible gardening with you.

Growing food organically in your own backyard is one of the best things you can do for you & your family’s health, improves your cooking and saves you money.

Edible gardening can be as simple as a few herbs in pots by the back door or as substantial as a food forest overtaking your back yard.

In the following pages I’ll share with some of my lessons from growing food for over 30 years and give you my best advice about low maintenance food gardens that can become forests over time.

I’ll also share my knowledge of food plants, some quite unusual, which are mostly far more healthy than anything you’ll ever buy from the shops. Very often, they’re also incredibly easy to grow.

Enjoy my edible gardening pages, and please feel free to post your comments with your own experiences.

Plants need regular water

Edible gardening tips

Simple gardening tips for low maintenance but highly productive ...
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edible plants garden sorrel rumex acetosa maleny edible gardening

Edible plants for food, medicine and gardening.

Learn about edible plants and their many different uses ...
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