Botanical name: Anethum graveolens

How to grow it:

Dill is an annual herb that likes full sun and good drainage. In my area (sub-tropical) it struggles in summer – bolting to seed early but likes all other parts of the year.

Grows fine in pots –  provide plenty of liquid fertiliser and a good layer of mulch.

Propagated usually by seed, and will readily self-seed if you allow it to flower.

In the kitchen: 

Dill has quite a unique flavour which is difficult to compare to other herbs. It’s very common in European cooking and in some parts of asia. Both the leaves and seeds are used.

Is fantastic in any egg dish, on fish, with cheese, potatoes, lamb and even sprinkled in salads – try it in coleslaw. It’s the main flavouring ingredient in Dill pickles.

Seeds are also used in cooking and to make a calming tea which is soothing to the digestive system.


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