Keep your vegetable garden thriving! (….or get one started)

We all know that fresh organic produce from your own edible garden has to be the best food you can get – for your health but also for the planet. It makes sense on every level but not everyone has the time and/or knowledge to grow their own food or maintain their own edible garden.

My passion, and what this business is all about, is to help people grow their own. Organically, with a minimum of effort, and for best results. Edible gardens love regular and consistent attention and that’s where I can help plus advice and education on edible plants, when to grow them, and how to use them.

You could benefit from my service if you:

– don’t have a green thumb but want fresh vegetables
– don’t have the time to get in the garden often enough
– want to cut the cost of eating organic
– Like gardening, but don’t know how to grow food

I can carry out the important regular tasks so your vegetable garden thrives all year round – you contribute as little or as much as you like!

My edible garden service includes any combination of the following:

  • Establishing/replenishing existing edible gardens with emphasis on low maintenance. You spend more time harvesting and enjoying your garden rather than pulling weeds or digging.
  • Installation of a micro irrigation system – so all you have to do is turn on a tap (without having to remember to turn it off!).
  • Advice and/or supply of edible plants. I’ll help you choose the best plants for the season, garden position and your taste preferences. If you wish I can also supply and plant them for you.
  • Apply organic fertilisers routinely so your garden thrives with food for your kitchen.
  • Regular mulching and weeding to keep your gardens tidy and easy to harvest

Great for kitchen/restaurant gardens, and for health conscious but time poor people. Maybe you just don’t like gardening but want to eat the best food – I can help you grow it in your own backyard.

Once your edible garden’s set up properly, fortnightly cost to maintain it is very reasonable and easily cheaper than buying organic veges from the shops. In the end you’ll save money for higher quality food.

Best way to contact me initially is by eMail, please let me know a little bit about your situation, where you live, and how you feel I could help.

To a healthy, vibrant, low maintenance edible garden!

Brett Campbell

Maleny Edible Gardening

Phone: 0484 063215