Plants need regular water

Simple gardening tips for low maintenance but highly productive edible gardens. Grow you own food without making yourself a slave!

Edible gardening is a very individual thing. We all have different tastes in food, our growing conditions are different and watering needs will vary according to your climate and the water you have available.

I’ve learnt heaps by reading gardening books but sometimes I find them confusing – different writers say different things about the same plant, and to make things even trickier, my experience in the garden can be quite different again. (yep – you’ll find the same thing applies to my writing!).

In the following pages I’ll share with you my approach to vegetable gardening which is aimed at minimal work – maximum food on my table. I don’t mind admitting that I’m a little haphazard with my own garden – I don’t consider myself anything special as a gardener. I don’t get in there every day (except to pick), and often I’m too busy with other stuff to give the garden the attention it probably deserves.

What I’ve noticed though, is my garden still continues to provide me with food even at the times I’ve neglected it. Any effort I do put in is rewarded many times over and the extra work I did to make my garden low maintenance paid off big time.

The edible gardening tips I’ve provided here are very general and if followed, will save you time & hassles setting up and maintaining your vegetable gardens.