Garden mint

Botanical Name: Mentha sachalinensis

How to grow it:

Mint is very easy to grow, but be warned – it can be quite invasive and is likely to overtake any bed it’s planted into. I plant mine in pots to avoid any problems with it’s vigorous roots.

Likes full sun and plenty of moisture. A good idea is to position a pot underneath your garden tap and plant mint – it’ll catch any water from your tap and thrive if it’s sunny enough.

Propagation is very easy – just grab any piece of of the plant with roots – plant it in it’s new spot and keep it moist for a week.

In the kitchen:

Mint is best used fresh as much is lost through drying.

It’s used widely in many different cuisines – salads, raitas, sauces and jellies, as a garnish for curries and casseroles. Chopped finely into yogurt makes a delicious accompaniment to many dishes. If you don’t have coriander for garnish, quite often mint will work as a replacement.

A few sprigs in a jug of ice water makes a very refreshing drink in summer.

Mint also makes a great tonic tea by itself or blended with other tea herbs.

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