Organic vegetables from your garden simply taste better

OK – it’s time for the inner hippy in me to come out and rant about the virtues of organic food gardening!

Maybe another time, but it’s safe to say it’s not that difficult to go organic in your own garden – so why not?

I would never advise using chemical sprays or fertilisers on something you’d eat or serve to others and I’m betting you already feel that way. If not you probably will eventually if you grow your own so it’s worth thinking organic right from the start.

My feeling is, that artificial products interfere with the soil and make it less attractive for worms and bacteria. They might still grow healthy looking plants, but over time they deplete the soil, which means you need to use more & more product and the soil gets more and more depleted. Organic gardening methods work on building up the soil so it improves year after year. (oops- I couldn’t help a little rant!)

And of course the best reason has got to be the taste!


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