Kaffir lime

Botanical name: Citrus hystrix

Some other names: Wild lime, makrut lime, Mauritius papeda

How to grow it:

Kaffir lime is a tree to 5m with unique “double” leaves that are incredibly aromatic. Likes full sun and good drainage – plenty of water in the drier months. A hardy plant once established.

Great for growing in pots- in cooler areas the pot can be brought into shelter in winter.

Can be propagated by cuttings, but for many it would worth buying a grafted variety which seem to grow more rapidly.

In the Kitchen:

The leaves are the main parts used in asian cooking, but the rind, zest & juice and pulp of the fruit are all edible too.

Crush leaves in your hand & add to soups and curries. Deveined and chopped finely they can be added to salads and dressings. Essential ingredient in many curry and laksa pastes.

Throw a leaf per person in any pot of tea for a taste sensation.

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