edible plants for salads

Learn to eat what you grow

It makes sense to only be bothered growing the vegetables you eat right?

Well yes, but what vegetables would you eat if you knew about them, or tasted them fresh from your own garden?

One of the pure joys of having your own garden is learning about a new plant and using it in your cooking. If you like cooking, it’s a chance to be creative or to find some new recipes. Once you get to know the plant, you’ll find ways to incorporate them in your favourite recipes too.

If you expand your plant repertoire a little, and have a big variety of plants to choose from you’re much more likely to have success in the kitchen. You’re also protected against bugs or the the weather ruining a particular favorite crop and leaving you with nothing to cook!

You’ll also find yourself cooking with in-season foods which is the way nature intended it and probably better for your health.

It’s a simple idea, but it can make a huge difference to how much of your own food you eat.


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