Botanical name: Origanum vulgare

How to grow it:

Oregano  is a creeping perennial herb that’s super easy to grow and makes a great ground cover. It’s ideal conditions are hot, sunny and dry but I’ve found it does well just about anywhere. Unless your climate is cold – then you may have to treat it as a spring planted annual.

Does well in pots with a more prostrate plant like Rosemary or Bay Leaf – no mulching needed if you get Oregano established.

Really easy to propagate – just divide out some rooted cuttings from an established plant, replant, water in for a few days and mostly your oregano will take off without any further help.

In the Kitchen:

Oregano is a great flavouring herb use fresh or dried and in combinations with other herbs.

Common in mediterranean cuisine used with meat, red sauces, vegetables. Dried leaves sprinkled over salads.

Also makes a delicious, healthy, tonic tea.

Culinary herbs, Description full, Drought tolerant, Medicine, Pots & containers, Soups & curries, Tea

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