Use this page if you’d like a new bed built for your perennial salad garden. If you already have a garden bed, please go to this page

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1.8x.6m from$1951.8x1.2m from$2952.4x.6m from$2352.4x1.2m from$3753 x .6m from$2853x1.2m from$445

grassweedsbare dirtother

yes - quite levelhas a slope but should be fine for a sleeper boxNo it's quite slopey

Gets pretty much full sunPartial shade, but a good few hours of sunPretty much full shade

Seems pretty goodGets boggy in the wetDry or rockyDon't really know


Grow plenty of food currently (or have done)Experienced gardener - not so much with foodBeginner or haven't had much luck growing food