edible plants for mulch

Perennials are plants that you put in once and it keeps growing year after year, sometimes dying down in winter and returning (often stronger) the following spring.

So by planting perennials that you like to eat, yes that’s right – you plant them once and just eat the plant year after year. Very often perennials will give you less problems with bugs, and even help surrounding plants avoid them too.

The only real problem I’ve struck with perennial food plants is they can be invasive – if you put them in a garden bed they might choke other plants out. Mostly you can deal with it by hacking the plant back, but some might be better in pots to stop them spreading.

You can get a very similar effect with annual plants by allowing them to self seed and thinning out the seedlings once they sprout.

It’s kind of lazy-man’s gardening – once you put the plants in you let nature take care of the rest and it really works. Often I let my garden run down a bit, but the perennials keep thriving without any help.

I’ve got information about a large list of perennials here – why not try some in your own garden?


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