It’s worth learning which season to plant what.

I find it quite frustrating when I walk into garden shops and see them selling seedlings that are out of season – I know that someone will take them home, put them in the garden and slowly watch them fail. For some people that will reinforce their idea that vege gardens are too hard and that they can’t grow this or that when in fact they just planted the right plant – but at the wrong time of year.

It very much depends on your climate, but generally you’ll find plants are either warm season or cool season crops. It’s a pretty blurry line between the two sometimes and some plants might grow all year round, some might die down in winter and come back in spring – and vice versa.

The best knowledge comes from experience and so chat to an experienced vege-gardener in your area to get the best information possible – local knowledge. Maybe the person selling you plants can help. Labels on plants and seeds will often give you the information for your climate type.

You’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly, and the interesting side benefit is that you start to observe the seasons differently – through the eyes of a food gardener!

Just know that it matters when your plants go in and if they’re bolting to seed or dying quite suddenly it could well be due to the season.


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