Plants need regular water

Watering systems save time AND water

The more reliable & consistent their water supply – the better your plants will grow. Unless the weather is helpful (and sometimes it is), food plants will struggle without regular watering. Before I move a muscle preparing gardens, I plan and install a watering system. One that waters entire areas simply by turning on a tap. It actually saves water as you only put it where it’s needed, and for how long it’s needed and you can water after the sun goes down which reduces evaporation.

I know some people enjoy hand watering and you can still handwater to your heart’s content, but when you don’t have time you can just turn a tap on. That’s a big secret to successful food gardening

The other important strategy for keeping your plants well watered is to maintain a good level of mulch. Apart from reducing evaporation (which means you can irrigate less often), you’ll be protecting and slowly feeding the worms and microbes that constantly work to improve your soil.


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