Botanical name: Rosmarinus officinalis

Some other names: Romero, Rosemarine, Mary’s mantle

How to grow it:

Rosemary is an easy to grow perennial shrub to about 1 m, which will grow larger if given the right conditions.

Likes full sun and well drained soil – think mediterranean conditions where it grows naturally in rocky soils.

Great plant to grow in a pot – handles a bit of drought so is easy care for most people.

Propogation is generally by hardwood cuttings, though can also be grown from seed.


Rosemary contains vitamins A, B & C and volatile oils that have many herbal actions. High in calcium, Iron, potassium & magnesium though it’s difficult to consume a great deal of the herb.

Often referred to as the memory herb – thought to improve memory. Just rub a sprig and take a deep breath of the aroma to assist with studying or other concentration activities.

In the kitchen

Rosemary only needs to be used sparingly to impart a fine flavour to cooked foods. Combine with garlic and olive oil to make a baste for roast meats and vegetables, casseroles, sauces and breads. Well worth having a plant near your kitchen.

Also makes a delicious and nutritious tea.


Culinary herbs, Description full, Drought tolerant, Medicine, Pots & containers, Soups & curries, Tea

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