Botanical name: Salvia officinalis

Some other names: garden sage, common sage, culinary sage

How to grow it:

Sage is a perennial bush to 60cm that likes dry conditions. Can struggle with sub/tropical rains but doesn’t mind the heat.

Plant it in full sun with good drainage – if you find the right conditions it will last a very long time.

It’s great for a pot- preferably terracotta with a well draining potting mix.

Propagated usually by seed, though you can strike cuttings in a well drained mix.

In the kitchen: 

Sage is a really useful herb in the kitchen though only needs to be used sparingly – it’s quite strong.

Great with any meat, eggs, potatoes – an delicious baste can be made by mixing with olive oil & garlic.

Sage has many medicinal properties and great taste so use it freely.

Culinary herbs, Description full, Drought tolerant, Medicine, Pots & containers, Soups & curries, Tea

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