Sawtooth coriander

Botanical name: Eryngium foetidum

Some other names: Thai coriander, Mexican cilantro,  perennial coriander

How to grow it:

Sawtooth coriander is a low growing perennial to about 40cm that grows well in summer when regular coriander is difficult.

It’s leaves are spikey and it’s flowers even more so. To get good results with Sawtooth you’ll need to snip off the flower heads regularly which encourages leaf growth.

Likes full sun but also does well in semishade. Keep well watered – it does well in the wet season.

Grows well in pots if you can keep the water and fertiliser up to them.

Propogation is by seed or plant division. If flowers are left to grow, they’ll self seed readily giving you a good patch.


In the kitchen

The leaves are spikey and so need to be chopped finely for use as a garnish.

The aroma of sawtooth coriander is a little stronger, but very similar to regular annual coriander and so can be used in all the same dishes for flavour.

Something I really enjoy about it is that it’s flavour holds well in cooking – unlike it’s annual cousin. That makes it really useful for curries and mexican/cajun dishes. Works well in fresh salsas too.

Culinary herbs, Description full, Drought tolerant, leafy perennials, Pots & containers, Salads, Soups & curries, Stirfries

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