Start your vegetable garden small

One of the most common problems I see with people starting vegetable gardens is going too big – too early. The setup can be a lot more work than was originally planned, the maintenance might have got too much or it became more expensive than budgeted. Often it’s a combination of all three!

Vegetable gardens should be fun – not hard work, a chore, or a money pit. Consider not making it so hard for yourself at the start. Go small, and see what you can grow in a smaller space. Start eating some produce while you contemplate your next move. Learn about the plants before you create new places for them to grow.

Once you’ve got one bed fully planted, you can move onto the next. When you’ve run out of room, expand by all means, but one step at a time.

Gardening for food is a lifestyle not a one-of project so take your time, start small and learn as you go – just like all food growers do.


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