Give everything a go!

I started out food gardening by reading lots of books and following much of the advice to the letter. What grows in my climate, what soil & water conditions it likes, when to plant it & what to feed it.

The more books I read, the more confused I got – it seems there’s many different opinions about what individual plants like, and my actual growing experience was often quite different to what the books said.

So my tip is, give everything a go. If you buy a punnet of seedlings, ignore the instructions & try planting in different positions and see what happens. Throw seeds in many different spots and see what comes up.

Plants like to grow – that’s what they do. Just care for them the best you can and let them do their own thing. If a plant’s happy in the position you give it, let it grow, if not, dig it up and try it somewhere different. Some of the results can be quite amazing despite of what the books say – and some plantings that should grow well will be complete flops!


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